Fabio Zanini

Fabio Zanini

fabio DOT zanini AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I love single cell biology, data science, graphs, coding, fighting viral infections, the immune system, and rock climbing.

Givanna Putri

co-supervised: John Pimanda

Givanna Putri

g DOT putri AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am a postdoctoral research fellow with passion for single cell omics and computational biology, specifically using data science techniques to analyse multi-omics data and investigate biological system. When not working, I enjoy mountain biking, painting, travelling, and listening to blues and jazz music.

Kanu Wahi

co-supervised: Jeff Holst and Orazio Vittorio

Kanu Wahi

k DOT wahi AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am a postdoctoral research fellow with a keen interest in identifying resistance mechanisms in aggressive subtypes of breast cancer caused by dysregulation at the transcript level through to the metabolic level. Apart from work, I enjoy going for bike rides and bush walks.

Zhiyuan Yao

co-supervised: Shirit Einav @ Stanford

Zhiyuan Yao

yzhiyuan AT stanford DOT edu

I am a postdoctoral scholar with an interest in single cell biology and virology, especially using single cell transcriptomic tools to investigate virus-host interplay in severe dengue.

Toni Rose Jue

co-supervised: Jeff Holst

Toni Rose Jue

t DOT jue AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am a postdoctoral scholar and my research interest revolve around the use of next generation sequencing technologies to understand the mechanisms of immunotherapeutic strategies for malignant primary brain tumours, specifically glioblastoma. Beyond work, I love travelling and exploring the outdoors with my husband and daughter.

Yike Xie

Yike Xie

yike DOT xie AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am a PhD student and my background is in pharmacy. My research interests are data analysis and single cell sequencing. Outside of work, I like reading and traveling.

Carsten Knutsen

co-supervised: Cristina Alvira @ Stanford

Karsten Knutsen

cnutsen AT stanford DOT edu

I am excited about studying and elucidating complex biological systems. I enjoy working with large datasets such as high-throughput screens and single-cell data. Outside of the lab, I like to spend my time mountain biking, rock climbing, and baking.

Kevin Zhu

Kevin Zhu

kv DOT zhu999AT gmail DOT com

I’m a undergraduate student with an interest in computer science and mathematics, particularly when I’m able to visualise the data that I’m working with! Outside of work, I love to draw and play Overwatch with my friends.

Catherine Gatt

Catherine Gatt

c DOT gattAT student DOT unswDOT edu DOT au

I am an undergraduate student with a keen interest in computational biology, single-cell transcriptomics and evolution. Beyond studying, I love scuba diving and hiking.


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