Fabio Zanini

Fabio Zanini

fabio DOT zanini AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I love single cell biology, data science, graphs, coding, fighting viral infections, the immune system, and rock climbing.

Keyi Jiang

(from July 2022)

Keyi Jiang

g DOT putri AT unsw DOT edu DOT au


Kanu Wahi

co-supervised: Jeff Holst and Orazio Vittorio

Kanu Wahi

k DOT wahi AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am a postdoctoral research fellow with a keen interest in identifying resistance mechanisms in aggressive subtypes of breast cancer caused by dysregulation at the transcript level through to the metabolic level. Apart from work, I enjoy going for bike rides and bush walks.

Yike Xie

Yike Xie

yike DOT xie AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am a PhD student and my background is in pharmacy. My research interests are data analysis and single cell sequencing. Outside of work, I like reading and traveling.

Carsten Knutsen

co-supervised: Cristina Alvira @ Stanford

Karsten Knutsen

cnutsen AT stanford DOT edu

I am excited about studying and elucidating complex biological systems. I enjoy working with large datasets such as high-throughput screens and single-cell data. Outside of the lab, I like to spend my time mountain biking, rock climbing, and baking.

Ying Xu

Ying Xu

yingxu0928AT gmailDOT com

I am a Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering student at UNSW. I am currently doing my honour thesis project on data compression and APIs for cell atlases. Outside of work, I like photography, swimming, and cats.

Catherine Gatt

Catherine Gatt

c DOT gattAT student DOT unswDOT edu DOT au

I am an undergraduate student with a keen interest in computational biology, single-cell transcriptomics and evolution. Beyond studying, I love scuba diving and hiking.


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