Fabio Zanini

Fabio Zanini

fabio DOT zanini AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I love single cell biology, data science, graphs, coding, fighting viral infections, the immune system, and rock climbing.

Priscilla Boon

Priscilla Boon

p DOT boon AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I love working at the interphase of computer science and biology. I enjoy interpreting and deciphering meaning from all kinds of biological data. Outside of work I enjoy eating and cooking really good food and making things with my hands.

Ying Xu

Ying Xu

yingxu3 AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am a Software Engineer working on cell atlas approximations and human-machine interfaces. Outside of work, I like photography, swimming, and cats.

Catherine Gatt

Catherine Gatt

c DOT gatt AT student DOT  unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am an undergraduate student with a keen interest in computational biology, single-cell transcriptomics and evolution. Beyond studying, I love scuba diving and hiking.

Yuancong Cheng

Yuancong Cheng

yuancong DOT cheng AT student DOT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am a computer science honour student with interest in bioinformatics. I love coding, debugging and data analysis. Outside of my studies, I enjoy traveling, photography and cooking.

Anneliese Mak

Anneliese Mak

anneliese DOT mak AT student DOT unsw DOT edu DOT au

I am an honours student in bioinformatics/biomedical engineering. I enjoy coding, playing table tennis and video games.

Joanna Ahn

Joanna Ahn

joannasy DOT ahn AT gmail DOT com

I graduated from UOA with a Bachelor’s in Biological Science. Currently working on Cell Atlas Approximations. I like staying at home and watching movies!


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