1. Postdoc position (Sydney, Australia — remote start possible) to work on blood cancers, induced pluripotent stem cells, single cell multi-omics, and a number of other really exciting biomedical systems. The ideal candidate has some experience with single cell data analysis, understanding of linear algebra and/or network analysis, and is interested in leading their own research agenda. Ad here, write Fabio for inquiries.

  2. PhD student position (Sydney, Australia - remote commencement possible): “Building a standard model of cell biology”. Half a century ago, the standard model of particle physics was established, which rests all natural phenomena in the universe on a handful of elementary particles and on the interactions between them. We aim to develop a similarly ambitious program for organismal biology by characterising all known cell types in the body and all interactions between them with a bottom-up approach. Although the complexity of the human body is staggering, surely it cannot compete with the complexity of the whole universe? Time to find out.

How to apply

Contact Fabio at [email protected]:

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